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originally on quora.com/Gabriell-Gaston-Croft trans*realname : gabriell context(e quora.com/superscipsytransreal/birth-name-to-real-name-transrealname-trans*realname Me?! I feel questions were left out of my life experience, I feel language was left out, I feel reality was left out of question, I feel I was left out of question. I think about what to do with people like that, everybody in reality who is left so questionable, questionless and questionful. go there. We go there. Remembering psychological realities and superstruggles. Craving humanizing feedback, signifiers, and sensifiers. Thinking hard if Sci and Sci + Psy Z help understanding, understandingPsychology+SciencePsychological LeadershipPsychological Governance, really, and what we really need. Help think and word. Help Psy Z? Help contextually reframe. Edits welcome. Let us profoundly edit social structure. ALL FREE, Public Domain + (C0) Creative Commons. :( personal updates http://plus.google.com/117274546... :) ? ebook v.000000000000000 docs.google.com/folder/d/0B-u2V8985cm3MXRJblBtcm1pODA/edit ? Think with me: DaresayGoThere.com + Go There Sci + Psy Z + Sci + Psy Z PsyZHundredthoughts.com Chat with me: fb.com/prosodyplus.google.com/117274546554081384648/poststwitter.com/frets,linkedin.com/in/gabrielgastoncontextcroft Meme with me: quickmeme.com/user/PsyZHundredthoughts Wear with me: society6.com/PsyZ ? :) #psychological #recognition #marginality #sanctuary #sensify #genderqueer #trans* #human :) #reasonable #collaborative #bodylanguage Very open to questions, but sometimes hard to answer. I have a hard time, and I have had hard times. Selling on society6.com/PsyZ and asking for donations on wepay.com/donate/tiltrue, alike streetbegging with mind, if you identify, empathize, and are psychological-currencywise more monetized... Concentrations: i Z Us z Sci Z Sci + Psy Z Psychology Traumatology Mass Delusion Philosophy of Mind Mental Health Activism Mental Health Advocacy War On Poverty Of Thought Language-Seeking Behavior Science Meets Science Fiction Childhood Mental Health Advocacy Psychology Meets Psychological Fiction My most important question to me, from oldest to newest: My most important answers to me, from oldest to newest: more and more and more thoughts and feel if i feel better.. I am gabriell context(e. I go there, go think, go feel, go heal, and go real. Reality is, a lot more to ask and say.   .. old short bio: asks Sci and Psy Z too if feels real questionable, questionless, questionful... so unsayable, so profound, and so real scipsychological?! =| :) Open to all questions, but sometimes hard to answer. :) :( :|
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