Scientific, Mentally Healthy, Psychological Language + Psychological Force (Scientific Soul, Mentally Healthy Spirit, Psychological Language + Psychological Force of Heart, Mind, Law & Shield?)

Struggling for helpful people words and listening to Sci + Psy Go There, in relation to profoundly better editable social structure patterns and powers. And listening for Language-Seeking Behavior (topic) and Language-Seeking Behavior (board) defining Psychological Leadership and Psychological Governance.

Originally i posted on before I got banned for #grammarmaking #grammarbreaking #languageseekingbehavior under their real-life-user-account-data-deadly prescriptive power-rule of language laws.

Written thinking about Mental Health: Are rules and standards (patterns and repetitions) of language and grammar sane, scientific, psychological, mentally healthy, good and/or reality-tested? - as i asked there before banned - as if anyone's language is inhuman and or ununderstandable... :) :| :(

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