a lil sci and psy go there live

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sciful, psyful, + toxic-free?

:)everylilmind and everybody feel free, feel science, feel pschological and feel here

Go There, lil sci + psy Z

Call us all Sci + Psy?

Calling us all Psy and Sci...


i ) us all ) able, good, stable, scienced


sci psy life lines lifelines

psy & sci quiet live streamzzzZzz z, streams of conscience and concious needs


lil Psy and Sci are big mindfuls, and always in trouble, and always in mind

Words do not play well?

psy and sci want to go there. trouble inside. help us find mind and lost Z,

[Psy Z is You drawn here]

As we were thinking, if you have a second for science, if you have a second for psychology, ..


[ Sci pic here ]

No emotion, need emotional support?

No money, need monetary support.

No psy, need psychologial support?

Psy and Sci don’t know better, dont feel better, dont human better, than everybody else, what to do|think|feel|psy|sci|... about it.

talk talk talk, think think think,

z ran in and out of ideas|mind|mine

psy + sci felt no Z get bigger

take seriously, take me))we seriously

it reality shows. It really shows. It shows.


Psy and Sci really want to Go There. Science and Psychology Go As Far and Free (Free and Far?) As We Think and Feel.

feel free to freak out!

everybody chokes for breaths of truth.

Beginning We Think; Go; Be; (Free?); Ourself


tell psy.

tell sci.

reality tells.

we like we listen we find we understand we feel we mind we better up we name ourselves we name others we name real we name anonymous we name emotions we name fear we name nothings we name poor we name error we name You we name Us we name Law we name Care we Psy we Sci we go there we go real

lil Psy and Sci Z Go Find Help

Psy and Sci Trouble!!!???

emedmedmedmedmedicatPsy and Sci Go Find Shelter...Psy and Sci Go Inside medicating  law..... ....

Gov Z and Police (Cop Z?) Hire Psy(s) and Sci(s)



hundredhearts + hundredthoughts of superscipsychological prosody and context shows

stream of one lil heart, shield, and mind...... ..


we hundreds of hearts, we hundreds of feelings, we hundreds of thoughts, hundreds of shields, hundreds of minds...

we hundredhearts, we hundredthoughts, we hundredshields, we hundredminds,

we hundredsheart, we hundredsfeel, we hundredsthought, we hundredsshield, we hundreds, mind!


Remembering, Reminding, Research, References


</end remembring>




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