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Home v.00000000000000000001.ohh.hmm.sci.psy.why.shh.home.txt.doc.md.mm.wha?.me?
  <p>ok so i need home to feel free&#160;... til True's still growi—|—|—|—|——|—|—|——|—|—|—i&#160;A - lil big feel think heart mind shield sci psy shh real i + u + why why why... =| :) :| :( - Z? --|--- - -- --&#160;<em><br />
  <p>said so yes, but i need to tear through some bits, so let me spell bitwords plz. .. .</p>
  <p>/i/&#160;under careful construction and rererereorganization, please rererererererrrread carefully /!/</p>
  <p><br />
  #shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helpme h #shhelp x $hh y shh z #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p><br />
  #shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helpme h #shhelp x $hh y shh z #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helps #helpme #helpsme #helpshh h #shhelp x $hh y shh z #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #spellcheck #spellshh #helpshh #shhpell #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #helpshh? #spellhelp #shhpell #spellshh #shhme #shhing #spellcheck #shhcheck #shhcheck123 #helpshh</p>
  <p>#shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helpme h #shhelp $hh shh #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helpme h #shhelp x $hh y shh z #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #shhelp? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhme hh #helpme h #shhelp hh$help s $hh shh #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p>#shh? #shhpellcheck a b c #shhpell s h h #shhhelp hh #shhcheck #shhcheck123</p>
  <p><br />
  <p>&lt;sensitive&gt;#shh? #spellcheck #spellshh #helpshh #shhpell #shhcheck #shhcheck123&lt; /sensitive&gt;</p>
  <p>#spellhelp #spellshh #shhme #shhing #spellcheck #shhcheck #shhcheck123 #helpshh <br />
  <p>&lt;sensitive&gt;#shh? #helpshh? #spellhelp #shhpell #spellshh #shhme #shhing #spellcheck #shhcheck #shhcheck123 #helpshh &lt;/sensitive&gt;</p>
  <p>&lt;sensitive&gt;#shh? #shhing #spellcheck #helpcheck #shhcheck #shhcheck123 #helpshh&lt;/ sensitive&gt;</p>
  <p>#helpshh? #spellhelp #shhpell #spellshh #shhme</p>
  <p><br />
  helps me map.</p>
  <p>psychenmeshi cal scichoenmeshi c s hh</p>
  <p>feelshhable<br />
  <p>helpsme ffffffeel</p>
  <p>true story, true shh; trueshh</p>
  <p>good truth, bad truth, have you any whole?</p>
  <p>whole parts ~ truth ~ whole</p>
  <p>trust truse truce truse</p>
  <p>trust trushh</p>
  <p>use d to attention, abused to attention</p>
  <p>patterned your life</p>
  <p>emergency texture</p>
  <p>if You define me.</p>
  <p>prettypowerfuli iiI iI i ii i wanna draw an i. an I. an i IiI i I i i i ________ _______ ____ _______ moving through life #scipsyneedsign #helpscipsysign</p>
  <p>holding x against you</p>
  <p>holding y for you</p>
  <p>holding i for me</p>
Please see some early ideas by visiting <a>Psychotechnological</a> <p>'Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences' -Plath</p>
  <p>Emotionally Stable Sentence. mmm s e shh</p>
  <p>able bodied<br />
  able minded<br />
  able feeling<br />
  able thinking<br />
  able ...</p>
  <p>#feelable #feel #able ~</p>
  <p>ambigliluity<br />
  ambigliluos <br />
  <p>iIiIii ii I i ii i</p>
  <p>what it means i</p>
  <p>self speech, self shh</p>
  <p>true self speech, true self shh</p>
  <p>false self speech, false self shh</p>
  <p>full self speech, full self shh</p>
  <p>free self speech, free self shh</p>
  <p>free speech, free shh</p>
  <p>~ self emotion, self shh</p>
  <p>"be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"</p>
  <p>abrupt<br />
  abript<br />
  <p>feel first<br />
  object first<br />
  shh first</p>
  <p>my frets, my sensitivities. my hunger, my feed.</p>
  <p>feeding feelings v starving feelings<br />
  /<br />
  /<br />
  <p>buildingmwentalhealthier costs $</p>
  <p>just like that.</p>
  <p>explains a lot</p>
  <p>do it yourself<br />
  feel it yourself<br />
  think it yourself<br />
  shh hh it yourself<br />
  o<br />
  hmm m it yourself.</p>
  <p>opening minds, opening publishing</p>
  <p>still loading, still feeling, still thinking</p>
  <p>Etching Yourself, Erasing Yourself.</p>
  <p>g r a vi ii tty breaks parceled p p eople l s</p>
  <p>im going now.</p>
  <p>shh<br />
  spell<br />
  speak<br />
  breathe<br />
  s h h h h</p>
  <p>shh<br />
  spell<br />
  speak<br />
  breathe<br />
  s h h h h</p>
  <p>starttiltrue/Alive? tiltrue/idontknow?</p>
  <p>"Make it a safe one."</p>
  <p>happy holi, sad holi, happyday, sadday...</p>
  <p>kind of real</p>
  <p>kind of important</p>
  <p>basically i ran away (thinking feeling we were running away) but we were running back (in circles) told we are running a straight line</p>
  <p>serious-sensitivity serious-case- sensitivity</p>
  <p>very noisy security protocols</p>
  <p>"You're lucky you got a partner with a bleeding heart." -Almost Human</p>
  <p>What it takes to tell people we will keep you safe, we will listen, (((we will judge you as able, full, regularly and without question to your intents)))</p>
  <p>speaks to heart</p>
  <p>speak feelings</p>
  <p>express emotions</p>
  <p>substantial thought, substantial feel,ing, substantial shh, substantial hmm, substantial ohh, substantial shh, substantial listening, substantial support</p>
  <p>want to remember v want to forget</p>
  <p>breaking down in standard grammar v breaking down in s h h</p>
  <p>asking your problems v telling your problems</p>
  <p>free speech of feeling</p>
  <p>free speech of distress</p>
  <p>free speech of hurting</p>
  <p>free speech of disturbance</p>
  <p>free speech of terror</p>
  <p>free speech of injury</p>
  <p>free speech of express me</p>
  <p>riff ruff riff rip riff rrrr</p>
  <p>ineffible feelings r still real feelings</p>
  <p>what if reaching out hurts ourselves and risks ourselves</p>
  <p>what colors we need bleed before we ask n listen openly</p>
  <p>run me through your problem s h h</p>
  <p>love v abuse<br />
  language called call, language called abuse<br />
  love called abuse, abuse called love<br />
  love called language, language called love</p>
  <p>why, didn't i tell you?<br />
  why didn't i tell you?<br />
  why didn't i use one singular word to describe lifelong everyday through-you shh?<br />
  why didn't i tell who?<br />
  why didn't i tell you?<br />
  why didn't i tell?<br />
  wha dd i t</p>
  <p>what i repeat gets me in trouble, what i repeat is abuse</p>
  <p>things i repeat i feel in letter and limb get me in trouble, things i repeat i feel in letter and limb are abuse</p>
  <p>#shh #abush #abuse #abushh</p>
  <p>weighing coming out weigh i coming out way i coming out wei coming r out d D d rr r weighing life weighing shh weighing why weighing coming through weighing what we d..l</p>
  <p><em>////// //////</em></p>
  <p>speech act<br />
  performative utterances</p>
  <p>vulnerability<br />
  vuln assessments</p>
  <p>so far emo sup is defined by if you feel happy, not if i do at *any age</p>
  <p>if people begin to use their systems to inform ourselves in greater breadths of</p>
  <p>information has suffered. information work has suffered.</p>
  <p>social giants and social ...shh</p>
  <p>throttle.<br />
  <p>sent people running } find people running )<br />
  people running</p>
  <p>crazy not care, care not crazy, ~~</p>
  <p>verbal disturbance of breathing, traumatic inculca of verb breaking healthier breathing patterns healthier</p>
  <p>if you read me well</p>
  <p>meant to be real</p>
  <p>real talk.</p>
  <p>real shhh</p>
  <p>wise about abuse</p>
  <p>wise about language</p>
  <p>why what perfect letter you have</p>
  <p>why what long terms you have</p>
  <p>why what silent</p>
  <p>reallines frontlines deadlines no lines why lines yes|no shhhhlines</p>
  <p>singshh v shhing</p>
  <p>feeling real use</p>
  <p>feeling verbal use</p>
  <p>feeling real abuse</p>
  <p>feeling verbal abuse</p>
  <p>feeling physical abuse</p>
  <p>"Ever y word you speak is a profoun d secret." 12 Years a Slave</p>
  <p>life language<br />
  real life language<br />
  life define language<br />
  life defining language</p>
  <p>matters of heart, matters of mind, matters of care, matters of kind</p>
  <p>proofreading<br />
  prooffeeling<br />
  proofthinking<br />
  proofpainful<br />
  proofsense<br />
  proofpain<br />
  proofhurt<br />
  prooffree<br />
  <p>weaving i together<br />
  weaving ii together<br />
  weaving iiii together<br />
  weaving iiiiiii together<br />
  weaving iii!i!ii!ii!i together</p>
  <p>press<br />
  pressu<br />
  pressure<br />
  pression<br />
  impression<br />
  repression<br />
  depression<br />
  dispression<br />
  supression<br />
  <p>impressure<br />
  repressure<br />
  depressure<br />
  dispressure<br />
  mispressure<br />
  suppressure<br />
  <p>counter.<br />
  <p>=<br />
  read real, read laws, read feels, read thoughts, read counts, read shh hh h h</p>
  <p>readtogether, readtoshh, readme, readmeshh, read shh, readi. .</p>
  <p>read laws, read feels, read thoughts, readtogether, readtoshh, readme, readmeshh, read shh, readi. .</p>
  <p>id ask i f i f i f i m i m i f i m i ii i</p>
  <p>wdyd. <br />
  <p>highly-electric( strings-of)-abuse</p>
  <p>im on your leashh, your line of credit, yoyr line of shh</p>
  <p>//i ii ii Ii</p>
  <p>what strings me is partly asking why so many alters are so clear to some, equally with why so many alters are so unclear to some.</p>
  <p>i faced a formation driven by terrorizing me at my core, with i iI! I i iIIIIii i &#160;I!i I ii&#160;incision.</p>
  <p>&#160;ii iIi i&#160;</p>
  <p>i grew up taken, taken out, severely (taken) out of context</p>
  <p>i am privilaged tohave found a language in terms of a word that i can use in my name</p>
  <p>i do not know what context i was in, i was in so much context of other people, and with other peoples dictations, without question, of who i am, of what i feel, of what i think, of my state of mind, of my state of health, of my state of body, of my state *</p>
  <p>hhhuhhh h</p>
  <p>hhhuhshh h</p>
  <p>Evi DeNt i</p>
  <p>post Hmm by Sci as first Evo spk?</p>
  <p><br />
  ..v Judge U v Judge i? v Judge i V Judge U</p>
  <p>prettypowerful!info<br />
  @prettypowerfuli?<br />
  <p>emotional life. physical life. real life.</p>
  <p>allday.<br />
  <p>allbody.<br />
  <p>allmind.<br />
  <p>allfeel.<br />
  <p>allthought,<br />
  <p>allshh.<br />
  <p>alli iii iii ii i.<br />
  <p>everyday.<br />
  <p>everybody.<br />
  <p>everymind.<br />
  <p>everyfeel.<br />
  <p>everythought,<br />
  <p>everyshh.<br />
  <p>everyi.<br />
  <p><br />
  <p>own.<br />
  <p>ownme.<br />
  <p>grow words<br />
  grow people</p>
  <p>grow life<br />
  grow shh</p>
  <p>changing life<br />
  changing people</p>
  <p>////////// ////////////////////</p>
  <p>deliberate stonewalling pppppllll pl ppl ppl people stonewalling in a stonewalled buildiing of your control, your context, your own texture, where i am _.</p>
  <p>curb.<br />
  <p>dress.<br />
  <p>undress.<br />
  <p>cover.<br />
  <p>Dear Abuse, What was your fantasy?</p>
  <p>compromised.<br />
  compromisedshh<br />
  shhpromisedshh<br />
  <p>shh and usernames and passwords and me</p>
  <p>use in all forms,<br />
  ask in all forms<br />
  shh in all forms.,<br />
  tell in all forms,<br />
  abuse in all formshh</p>
  <p>shh and usernames and passwords and m(w((e((w(((o( (h(m(ms(h)h)e)r)e</p>
  <p>shh and use and abuse and usernames and passwords and edits and reports and m(w((e((w(((o( (h(m(ms(h)h)e)r)e</p>
  <p>shh sounds real, shh sounds feels, shh sounds thought, shh pain, shh i</p>
  <p><br />
  <p>form you, form shh<br />
  firmyou, firmshh</p>
  <p><br />
  <p>if its an emergency,<br />
  if its ever an emergency<br />
  if it was ever an emergency.</p>
  <p>..~it was ever an action</p>
  <p>coming out to feel, coming out to feel real..</p>
  <p>coming out alive ^^</p>
  <p>coming out a s hh h</p>
  <p>own every step of every step of every step of</p>
  <p>spiritualabuse.<br />
  <p>show your life, show your work, show your shh</p>
  <p>show you're real, show yourself, show urself</p>
  <p>authority.<br />
  authorityshh<br />
  <p>reforms you, forms you, deforms you, shhforms you</p>
  <p>all forms, dominant forms, submissive forms, shh forms</p>
  <p>before if i read spiritual abuse, i felt it was magic, now if i read spiritual abuse, i get it was facts, factshh</p>
  <p>"sounds like a death sentence" the good wife</p>
  <p>language feels.</p>
  <p>about l<br />
  about )<br />
  about i<br />
  about (<br />
  about u<br />
  about us<br />
  about use<br />
  about feel<br />
  about time<br />
  about space<br />
  about abuse<br />
  about thought<br />
  about huwmaniii ii ii i</p>
  <p>stresstest<br />
  <p>shhtest<br />
  <p>turning people on, turning people off<br />
  turning needs on, turning needs off<br />
  turning real on, turning real off<br />
  turning shh on, turning shh off</p>
  <p>turning ourself, turning ourshh</p>
  <p>"you created the danger"</p>
  <p>so painful it starts to form you</p>
  <p>patterns to repeat</p>
  <p>controlling traffic to repeat</p>
  <p>if we do not compare eachother<br />
  if /we/do/not/compare/ eachother</p>
  <p>out of control people calling people out of control <br />
  <p>rithm<br />
  <p>feeling given texture</p>
  <p>a texture for me to feel real</p>
  <p>... feel alive</p>
  <p>language is a foundation, of formation, of identity, of self, of</p>
  <p>texturesthoughtstexturesthoughtstextures <br />
  texturesemotionstexturesemotionstextures <br />
  texturesdrugstexturesdrugstextures <br />
  textureslawstextureslawstextures<br />
  <p>going through motions, going through threads, going through formations, going through emotions, going through identity, going through shh, going through ohh, going through trees, going through hmm, going through breathing, going through life, going through listening, going through individuals</p>
  <p>present and a feel for.<br />
  present and allowed for.<br />
  present and a thought for.<br />
  present and accounted for.</p>
  <p><br />
  present and allowed for.<br />
  present and accounted for.</p>
  <p>i made a spelling mistake that i really didn't mean nor say, i made a spelling standard form that said i felt ok.</p>
  <p>who is your role model if you are shh ow uck ew ahh ff f</p>
  <p>re<br />
  rr r r<br />
  read me<br />
  read me well<br />
  read me wel l ll</p>
  <p>that alive.</p>
  <p>shhout thshhrough</p>
  <p>"If it helps, I wish this had happened to somebody who cried alot" #AbuseSurvivor on The Good Wife</p>
  <p><br />
  generative.<br />
  <p>owness shhness ownoway ownoness</p>
  <p>what are . what we</p>
  <p>pain x shh = abuse</p>
  <p>life x shh = abuse</p>
  <p>real x abuse = care</p>
  <p>real x shh = abuse</p>
  <p>in terms of what we ask/show/u/n/ know/n/o/shh/ yes/tell/real v in terms of abuse</p>
  <p>take care of you</p>
  <p>real in, real out</p>
  <p>make it in, make it out</p>
  <p>care it in, care it out</p>
  <p>repeatableableableableable.<br />
  repeatunderstanding.<br />
  repeatabletogether.<br />
  repeatableme. repeatableneeds. repeatablelines. repeatablesigns. repeatableshh. repeatablebusiness. repeatshhbiz. repeatablepain. repeatshhable. repeatableexperience. repeatablecare. repeatablewhy.</p>
  <p><br />
  you feel</p>
  <p>ur being really serious.</p>
  <p>welike abuse runs in life term(s((h(((h</p>
  <p>keep alive. v. keep your life v. keep your business. v. keep your body, mind, identity, emotions, thoughts, breath,</p>
  <p>balancing if. balancing why.</p>
  <p>if i!iIi1i1i1! have power * will * (w((h(((y(y(</p>
  <p>what do you do to feel, if multiple forms of multiple realities, create a need for x y z 1 2 3 a b c you, before i, after i, between i and i is a math and language going shh and shh til true.</p>
  <p>animated.<br />
  <p>tilTrue.<br />
  <p>til True.<br />
  til True.shh</p>
  <p>life forms<br />
  life forms of shh<br />
  life forms of abuse</p>
  <p>life terms<br />
  life trms of</p>
  <p>trees of form</p>
  <p>trees of life</p>
  <p>it eats at me, chomp chomp shh shh</p>
  <p>Your feelings for me dictate my life. v Your feelings for me support my life.</p>
  <p>consentual reality, naked reality</p>
  <p>a feel that defines, i feel that defines, I feel that defines.</p>
  <p>#GiveASeat #TakeASeat #GiveVoice #TakesAVoice sh #TakesYourVoiceAway h #TakesYourBreathAway shh<br />
  #MakeAFriend, #TakesAFriend s #TakesYourFriendssh #ShhAFriend h hmm #HmmAFriend!</p>
  <p>if you can look at your face,<br />
  if you can look at your shh</p>
  <p>if you can look at your feel,<br />
  if you can look at your thought</p>
  <p>if you can look at your real<br />
  if you can look at your not</p>
  <p>if you can look at your repeat<br />
  if you can look at your repeatshh</p>
  <p>it needs to be said. (((?((?(? ?</p>
  <p>failure to report abuse ....(signposts..</p>
  <p>what is a system has no face, wha....</p>
  <p>What if a silent treatment is what social organizations processing trauma unintentionally enact and enforce, repeating trauma by challenging our ability to listen to ourselves to remember our own terms, by making a room safer to shh than feel pain people disturbingly feel? <br />
  =<br />
  What if a silent treatment is what social organizations processing trauma unintentionally enact and enforce, by challenging our ability to listen and remember each other, by making a room safer to shh than feel pain people disturbingly feel?</p>
  <p>keeping your face together.<br />
  keeping your face s t g th r<br />
  keeping your faceshh</p>
  <p>&lt;3self&gt;COMBINE WITH UNSEEN FACE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PIC&lt;/self&lt;3</p>
  <p>/////// //// / / //</p>
  <p>/ // /<br />
  / /<br />
  / ///// ////</p>
  <p>feels h !h i!</p>
  <p>i feel that is key.</p>
  <p>-feel<br />
  -feeli ifeeli. .<br />
  -feeli ii ifeeli,,,. .</p>
  <p>feels e<br />
  feeEe e els<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeells s</p>
  <p>feels e<br />
  feeEe e els<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeells s</p>
  <p>feel feeel<br />
  <p>eee ee e</p>
  <p><br />
  <p>/<br />
  <p>/ /</p>
  <p>feels e<br />
  feeEe e els<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeells s</p>
  <p>\ \ \\ \\\\\ \\</p>
  <p>feeds e<br />
  feeEe e eds<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeedds s</p>
  <p>feels e<br />
  feeEe e els<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeells s</p>
  <p>feel feeel feEell<br />
  eee ee e <br />
  fe ls fr ts sh h<br />
  fe ls h feels s h<br />
  fr ts ss s<br />
  sh h</p>
  <p>feels e<br />
  feeEe e els<br />
  eeefee e<br />
  ffeells s</p>
  <p>eeefee e</p>
  <p>feel feeel feEell<br />
  eee ee e <br />
  fe ls fr ts sh h<br />
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  sh h&#160;</p>
  <p>// //\\ \\&#160;</p>
  <p>#feelprints #footprints #shhprints #split #splat #bletter #blood #breathe #body #mind #shh</p>
  <p>in no way shape o r form was i ii i i ii ii! i II! i ii !iI \ iiI i / _. .. .<br />
  in yes way shape or form was ._ ... .\!i ii i i ii ii! i II! i ii !iI \ iiI i i i iii i I!i!</p>
  <p>evolution.<br />
  <p>formation.<br />
  <p>pathoshh<br />
  <p>pathological.<br />
  <p>psychological.<br />
  <p>mentalhealth.<br />
  <p><em><br />
  my favorites so far?... im organizii ii i i ii i...... hmm...&#160;< /em><em>updating as we read, still need to be careful with what we come to terms with, what feel/think/not in term<span style="color: #999999;">shh< /span>......<br />
  </em>a<br />
  b<br />
  c<br type="_moz" />
  d<br />
  e<br />
  f&#160;<a href="http:// daresayGoThere.quora.com" title="Sci + Psy, Go There">Sci + Psy Z&#160;daresay Go There</a>?<br />
  g<br />
  h&#160;<a href="http:// scisoulpsyspiritheallanglawshield.quora.com" >Scientific, Mentally Healthy, Psychological Language + Psychological Force (Scientific Soul, Mentally Healthy Spirit, Psychological Language + Psychological Force of Heart, Mind, Law &amp; Shield?)</a><br />
  i<br />
  j&#160;<a href="http:// tiltrue.info/ texture/context/ rhetoric-rHeToRiC-RhEtOrIc- Rhetoric">tilTrue.info/texture/ context/rhetoric-rHeToRiC- RhEtOrIc-Rhetoric</a><br />
  k<br />
  l&#160;<a href="https:/ /www.facebook.com/prosody/ posts/835168264424">https: //www.facebook.com/prosody/ posts/835168264424</a><br />
  mmmm.... hmm...<br />
  no.....<br />
  o.....<br />
  please know I'm still spelling it out to myself as well as you, if we can come to terms we live with gooder idk...</p>
  <p><span style="font-size: 16px;">child|adult mental health advocacy<br />
  </span><a href="https:/ /www.facebook.com/prosody/ posts/533138483380684" title="Missing Matters" style="font-size: 16px;">"Missing Matters" rhymes</a>&#160;answering<a href="http:// www.quora.com/ What-matters- most-to-you-and-why/answer/ Gabriell-Gaston- Croft">&#160;What matters most to you and why? on Quora</a><span style="font-size: 16px;">)<br />
  <br />
  emotional-verbal-physical abuse survivor thoughts</span><a href="http:// www.quora.com/ Abuse-Survivors/ Should-a-survivor- of-childhood- sexual-abuse- tell-on-the- abuser-even-if- it-happened- a-long-time-ago/ answer/Gabriell- Gaston-Croft" title="g.c's answer to Telling on long-lost-and-profound abuse" style="font-size: 16px;"><br />
  long-lost-and-profound pain and abuse<br />
  </a><a href="http:// www.quora.com/ Gabriell-Gaston- Croft/answers/ Abuse-Survivors" title="gabriell context(e's answers about Abuse Survivors" style="font-size: 16px;">answers about Abuse Survivors)</a></p>
  <p>trans* / youth empowerment, homelessness (I ask questions, like <a href="http:// www.quora.com/ Homelessness/ What-is-more- sensitive-and- attentive-wording- than-homeless- and-homeless-shelter" title="Homelessness: What is more sensitive and attentive wording than &quot;homeless&quot; and &quot;homeless shelter?&quot; ">Homelessness:&#160;What is more sensitive and attentive wording than "homeless" and "homeless shelter?"</a>)</p>
  <p>also i'll write about why i'm banned from Quora right now for my grammar "style", talking like i think.. right.</p>

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