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 lilbig scipsy r under careful construction!

i first put Sci & Psy together thanks to asking questions through

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<p>&#160;lilbig scipsy r under careful construction!</p>  <p>lilbig scipsy r under careful construction!.<br />
  <br />
  first put Sci &amp; Psy together, in kind and in literal name, thanks to asking questions through <a href="http:// Sci-+-Psy-Z" > +-Psy-Z</a></p>
  <p><a href="http://"> dArEsAyGoThere</a> &amp; <a href="http://" ></a> more formally each show their own aspects</p>
  <p>began piecing together&#160;<a href="http:// Sci-+-Psy-Z/ Who-or-what-is-Psy-Z-Why- and-how-do-I- talk-about-Sci- +-Psy-Z">http: // Sci-+-Psy-Z/Who-or-what-is- Psy-Z-Why-and- how-do-I-talk- about-Sci-+-Psy-Z</a> information and am being very careful NOT to dictate their life character-if- not-personality- if-not-their- science-and-their- mental-health, asking who Sci + Psy Z are imho is a question for us to ask eachother well.</p>
  <p>mini sci psy blogs (so much to organize!):</p>
  <p> Gabriell-Gaston-Croft/Step- back-Erra-Wonderthought- emotions</p>
  <p>raw information that still needs understanding:</p>
  <p>raw questions in order of newest to oldest..</p>
  <p><a href="http:// Sci-+-Psy-Z/ Is-Sci-+-Psy- Z-happy-sad- ok-feeling-real" > Sci-+-Psy-Z/Is-Sci-+-Psy- Z-happy-sad-ok- feeling-real</a></p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/If-Sci-+-Psy- Z-thinks-in-our-mind-do-we- have-psychological-disorder- or-super-psychological-order</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/What-would-Sci- +-Psy-Z-feel</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/What-is-Psy-Z- Hundredthoughts- name-translated- into-other-languages Hundredthoughts, Hundredhearts, Hundredminds, Hundredfeeling..... hmmm .... ?</p>
  <p> Hypothetical- Talks/If-Psychology- and-Science-are- people-named- Sci-+-Psy-Z-and-Sci-+-Psy- Z-what-would- Psy-and-Sci- think-and-say- together</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/What-would-Sci- +-Psy-Z-think</p>
  <p> Understanding-Psychology/ Is-Psychology- and-Psy-Z-better- understood-as- a-symbol-of- heart-or-a-shield</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/What- are-psychologically- mentally-healthy-missions- and-mission-statements-for- Sci-+-Psy-Z</p>
  <p> Power/Do-superheroes- psychologically- associate-to- us-like-Gods</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/Why- do-and-dont- people-like-Psy- Z-Is-resistance- understanding- Psy-Z-as-Project- Helping-Understand- and-Promote- Psychology-a- superhero-psychologist- and-otherwise- like-resistance- to-Psychology</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/Why-is-riell- Context-e-thinking- up-scientists- and-psychologists-et-al-who- are-superheroes- superpsychological-and-so</p>
  <p> Superheroes/How- might-superheroes- help-psychological-pains- mental-health-poverty-of- thought-cognitive-bias-and- disorder</p>
  <p> Reality-Hero/ What-is-a-reality-hero</p>
  <p> Sci-+-Psy-Z/How-might-Sci- and-Sci-+-Psy- Z-help-poverty- of-thought-and-poverty-of- psychological- leadership</p>
<p>i first put Sci &amp; Psy together thanks to asking questions through Sci-+-Psy-Z</p> <p> How-might-we- introject-Psy- Z-Hundredthoughts- with-common-thought</p>

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