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Breaking Down Psychpologically Asking Profound As I (We) Can

I understood what psychological means very late.

I remember understanding I had very big allies and lil allies. Especially allies of words.

I asked questions forever, but was not profound and/or important.

I was told by a social worker my request/demand for help was profound. I had never used that word before myself.

So if I say I psychologically ask profound as I can, it is because I need a feeling that each word lets free, before feeling allowing asking. I feel that if people in our community want to change how we talk, that is great, but having elite moderation teams interventions like aggressive government forces controlling what we say and sounds modera, it sounds less. I needed that voice in my head to say I was psychologically asking profound questions, versus how we are all told otherwise everyday, everythought, everyfeeling.

Why do you understand life as hardness and struggle vs. detaching, forgetting and letting go?

Why do you understand life as a struggle of hardness and difficultly vs. detaching, forgetting and letting go?

Why did your abuser hurt you?

Crying feeling (is) ask profound

Crying I ask profound as I can, to remember people hurting, and hurting people.

Crying with feelings lost-and-profound, after abuse. I am not alone asking, asking why, and asking for help.

* if so, whatt do you do?

Does God want friends and/or enemies?

What would God say to a Psychologist?

In return to What psy would say to GGGod

associating people with pain and pain with people.

Feeling(s ended and feelings ending

psychological and emotional conjugations

Show What Changed?

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