c Sci and Psy Disorder

missing people

missing minds

missing hearts

missing Psy

missing Sci

missing psychologicals

missing science

deofficing and unofficing of psychologization by field/freelance/guerilla (super)sci|psy

We wait (years...) for us to catch, …-*^-.,:’*-;...understanding.

Psy and Sci went so far. think here or go there?

meets: (supermeetingscipsygovgodlovall?):

That feeling. That thought. That lost. That real.

Long-lost-and-profound psychologically sciencing senses of prophesy, poetics and profit.

Us all and us usually _underground and ^higher ground profits and prophets.

Us all used and us all usually used to science and psychology lost-and-profound.

That feeling. That thought. That lost. That real. Reminding and remembering ages really lost-and-profound.

Real business hearts, minds, and shields likewith real people. Hearting, minding, and shielding real people is real business.

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