Words Sorround a Sci + Psy Z Sorrounded by Words

a real sorround sciiiii + psyyy

a realness sorrounds

a Real sorround Sci + Psy z

a Real sorrounds Sci + Psy z

a Real sorroundz Sci + Psy z

a threat sorrounds.

a threat sorrounding with words

think and feel about think and feel

thinking and feeling threatenzZzzzZzz

thinking and feeling threatened?

think and feel out + in danger + in words + in no|/.more war - peace  + in heart + in mind + again

Sci + Psy Z looked up again, thinked around again, felt through all real again, A - threat - Z.

a b u s e eats z Z zz

a b u s e eats a - z Z zz

intellectual abuseemeets intellectual fantasy/imagination intellectual humanity abuse intellection

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