B a n n e d A - Z Black, White + Gray meets Us All, Real Life, Sci + Psy Z Understanding Us All -- And again and again, Toxi and Sin R hate hearts and minds again.

What if Real Crazy Sci, Real Crazy Psy and Real Crazy Why

   ?!*&^    Had a Word In Our New YWorkld Times?

Crazy Real Life Sci, Psy, You and i?

Breaking insight, breaking news, breaking life. All us in sight? Insight from real life experience so rich but poor worded? unsayable grammars so povertied in thoughtless reality care.

..."what is writing if not experimental" -my friend

...and albert einstein called hir ideas a thought experiment...

to: i + you + Sci + Psy Z hurt, pained, banned, killd, lost, and sad

for: sci and psy real life left out —-

sci and psy banned and lost for words used, words abused by rules against words so true

We all so hated and banned, discriminated and abused, again, breaking down and breaking through, again - hated because we did not know better, and know we talk like that, and understand and listen together. So wrong, so evil, so bad, so sin. Like us all so confused - I am confused - and I would not use that word and signifier lightly if I did not realize why now.

I know lots of words and words, language and languages. I think like I grew up. I think black. I think white. I think gray. I think dark. I think light. I talk religious. I talk jailed. I think like I thought in school. I webspeak. I chat. I code programming. I think gendered. I think fake. I think real. I remember it all, word for word, better than I remember who I am - altogether.

I have a privileged intellectual function. That was hir diagnosis. Now I know why. I can talk rich. I can talk poor.

I think poor. But I word rich. I think rich. But I word poor.

That is confusing.

Depending who you need to talk to.

So I go to one family, friend and social network, I talk one way.

So I talk like one majority in-group sometimes. I talk like that.

So I talk like one marginalized in-group otherwise. I talk like that, too.

I get it.

I get it now.

In real life, IRL, I show poverty of thought. Like I have a severe mental health disorder. Likewise I show mental affluence and order too.

But really, it is hard to understand. So much is going on, that few people, let alone myself, have come close.

id rather suicide than talk, write, think, feel, word, feel, think not like me.

some rather suicide than talk, write, think, feel, word, feel, think not like us all real.

infocide is that feeling and thought, heart and mind so lost, — by rule of people against|blocking|banning|killing|judging|profoundly editing out real life.

should we ban nonstandard people?

should we ban nonstandard grammars?

should we ban standards so understandard, understandar ar sh a tte rring understanding?

banned for crossing | lines

through walls blocking all us heart and mind

banned for groundbreaking, psychologymaking, psychologybreaking, grammarbreaking words

sad hurt sick mental health y?

independent people, independent words, independent real

dependence on people

dependence on real life

dependence on words

dependence off

dependence on feel

dependence on thought

dependence on heart

dependence on mind

dependence ends

dependence starts with i, o, u and ?

dependence letters


sci psy … language watching out, for us all

we all so black so white so gray so real

we are so

we are all

so real

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